PLACENTA SERVICES: natural support for your postpartum recovery

Natural support for your postpartum recovery.

Your Placenta is Amazing...

It provides all of the nourishment your baby needs during pregnancy and it can help promote healing after your baby is born! The placenta is a treasure that has the capability to replenish your hormones, vitamins, minerals and iron after birth.

How It Works:

You will be provided with written instructions for the care of your placenta immediately after birth. I will pick up your placenta from your birthing place, unless other arrangements have been made. Placenta preparation take approximately 48 hours and your capsules will be delivered to you at home. Pill may be shipped for an added fee of $10.00 if needed. I only work on one placenta at a time in a sanitized workspace, materials used during preparation are either discarded or sterilized after every use.

Doula clients receive a $25.00 discount on all placenta encapsulation services.



Traditional Placenta Encapsulation
Raw Preparation
Placenta Smoothie
Tree of Life Print
Traditional Placenta Encapsulation
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The Traditional Chinese Method for encapsulating placentas involves gently cleaning the placenta and steaming the placenta with herbs to increase absorption. The the placenta is  dehydrated and ground into powder to make capsules.

COST: $175.00

Raw Preparation

This method skips the steaming and goes directly to dehydration. This method will create a very nutrient and hormone dense capsule. It is not recommended if you have a history of anxiety, the jitters, insomnia or bipolar tendencies.


COST: $175.00

Placenta Smoothie

Enjoy a wonderful tasty smoothie that will give you an energy boost right after birth and help prevent hemorrhaging. A fresh organic fruit smoothie made will be made and delivered to you while still in the hospital. Additionally, a few placenta sized soothie cubes can be made for smoothies during the first week after birth. This services is only available if booking encapsulation services.


COST: $35.00

Tree of Life Print
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Add this beautiful keepsake to your placenta encapsulation. After your placenta is cleaned, food safe dye is used to make a print on acid free paper. For an additional $5.00, you can upgrade to a canvas print. This services is only available as an additional purchase.


COST: $40.00


Postpartum Recovery – Plan for it!

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