Hi, I'm Angela Daniel, Doula

The journey of labor and birth has always intrigued me, knowing that our bodies can grow, birth and feed a tiny human still leaves me in awe.

I discovered doulas when I became pregnant with our first son. The moment I met our birth doula I knew she was the perfect complement to our birth team. Shortly after having our son I felt drawn to supporting others in this way. With a nudge from my husband I took the leap into birth work. I met with our birth doula, signed on as an apprentice and began my own journey supporting women and families through one of the most transformative process women experience.

My love in this work is helping others define what is most important to them during the journey, and supporting them along the way.

The moments I bear witness to during my work still take my breath away.

My path to doula care:

Our first labor in 2009 was long and challenging and due to our journey when I decided to become a doula training and support were very important to me. I sought out an apprenticeship to gain a variety of experience before attending births on my own. I chose to certify DONA International and have continued to increase my education and credentials throughout my career.

Prior to transitioning my work to birth and postpartum support I worked in the field of social work. It is with the heart of a social worker and researcher that I entered this new pathway of life. I seek to remain up-to-date on current practices and evidence-based care. I attend workshops and conferences to continue to enhance my skills and practice these new skills not just with my clients, but as a part of the classes I teach. I serve on local coalitions and committees to continue to work on improving support and tools available to women and families. Labor and birth is about so much more than physically having a baby.

Background & Training:

  • Masters of Science in Social Work
  • DONA Certified Birth Doula
  • Certified Lactation Counselor
  • ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator
  • Certified Spinning Babies Parent Educator
  • Gold Lactation Conference/Workshops
  • DONA Conference / Workshops
  • Rebozo Connection: The Gina Kirby Method Workshops
  • Spinning Babies Conference/Workshops