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Doulas and Partners Gainesville

As a doula I often discuss with partners their concerns over the doula ‘taking their place’ in labor, listening to concerns and worry that they will not be the one providing support.  Have you wondered about this dynamic as well? As a trained birth professional my focus is to work with each of my families prior to labor not only to identify their goals, but to talk about each person’s role, how we will all be working together as a team. While mom is the one that has to get the baby out, the doula is there just as much to support the partner during the labor and birthing process. As labor unfolds I encourage the partner to be more confident in providing support, helping them know just the right place to apply pressure, and the right things to say.

Doulas help partners by:

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    Increasing your Confidence

    You no longer need to stress about remembering everything you learned in childbirth class, you have an expert with you! I am there to provide evidenced- based information and resources prior to labor and birth and during the process. Supporting you, every step of the way to ensure you are confident in your choices.
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    Providing Physical Support

    I am there to help you adjusting positioning, massage and counterpressure. If anything needs to be adjusted we will work together to get the movement and touch in just the right spot. You can also take a break if your hands get tired and know you loved one will still have the support she needs.
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    Providing Emotional Support

    Watching someone you love labor can feel overwhelming. You can feel confident that you have an expert that will help you in process the experience and navigate anything that comes up. Any concerns or worries about new sounds, movements or changes, you will have the support to know you and your partner are doing great.
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    Supporting your New Family

    If you have any questions about adjusting to life with your new baby, I am here for you! I will help you support your families feeding goals, navigate new baby care and more. You can rest assured that you will be provided with evidence-based research pertaining to your baby’s care and referrals to the best community resources in Gainesville!

Here is what Partners have to say:

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