Healthy Pregnancy

Know your Body

Our bodies are amazing creations. We are able to grow new life inside of us! As incredible as pregnancy is, it can take a toll on our bodies. Join us for some girl time with other pregnant mothers as we discuss the changes you will experience and how to best prepare your body, and your baby, for labor and birth. We offer a small class with group discussion and hands on activities.

Topics include:
• What to eat (and what not to eat) to keep you and your baby healthy during your pregnancy
• What to expect in terms of discomforts
• How to battle those discomforts
• How positioning of your baby can affect your labor
• What you can do to help encourage your baby into optimal positioning for labor (Spinning Babies’ techniques)

Fee: $50.00 for mom

note: our other classes are open to mom and a support person but this class is just for the moms to get together and talk about the good, bad, and ugly of pregnancy

Class Dates:

** While I have relocated to Gainesville, FL these classes are continuing to be taught by my fantastic teaching partner, Tammy Villavicencio, with Mother's Heart Birthing Services. For all schedules and more information please check her website at **