Empowered Childbirth Series

Know your Choices

This comprehensive childbirth class will teach you all you need to know to feel prepared this upcoming journey to birthing your baby. Our Empowered Childbirth Series is especially helpful for women interested in natural childbirth; however, the information is valuable and applicable for all birth experiences in any setting. These classes are excellent no matter where you plan to birth. This 4 part class is limited to 7 couples to allow for discussion and personal attention.

Class topics include:
• Pregnancy anatomy and physiology
• When to call your provider
• Stages and phases of labor
• Measuring labor progress
• Tips and hints for achieving natural birth
• Positions for labor and birth
• Medical pain management for labor and birth
• Avoiding pain medication & making your best decision
• Partner support
• Coping techniques including:
• Relaxation, breathing, attention focusing, visualization, use of birth ball, positions, rebozo, and more!

Fee: $160.00 for mom and 1 support person

Class Dates: (all classes run from 6-9 p.m.)

** While I have relocated to Gainesville, FL these classes are continuing to be taught by my fantastic teaching partner, Tammy Villavicencio, with Mother's Heart Birthing Services. For all schedules and more information please check her website at http://www.mothersheartbirthingservices.com **