Doulas & Partners

Doulas are often asked by partners, “Will you take my place, what will I do?”  While mom is the one that has to get the baby out, the doula is there just as much to support the partner during the labor and birthing process. The doula’s role is to communicate with the partner to understand their desired level of involvement prior to the onset of labor. As labor unfolds the doula will encourage the partner to be more confident in providing support, helping them know just the right place to apply pressure, know just the right things to say.

The doula is a birth professional and is familiar with the atmosphere and sounds surrounding labor and birth, if the partner has any questions along the way about why mom is doing this or sounding like that they have someone right there to reassure them.  The doula helps to take some of the pressure of the partner to feel the need to remember everything they learned in class or read in a book, they brought the cliff notes with them in the form of a doula.  The doula will remind everyone to sleep, eat and drink including the partner. This allows the partner to step away for a break knowing mom will still be supported.


From the Partner's Perspective

Scott Stead - Liam's Birth

When my wife told me she wanted to have a natural birth for our second son, I was immediately onboard.  The experiences she had with the delivery of our first son and the interventions used were eye opening.  Still, making the decision to have a birth that we wanted (not what was more convenient for the hospital staff) carries its own challenges so my wife suggested a Doula.  It was clear this was the choice for us.  Published research shows that labors with the continuous presence of a Doula end up in reduced use of Petocin, decreased rate of interventions, and higher satisfaction with birth outcomes.

Angela's support during the birth was phenomenal.  First and foremost, Angela's continuous presence allowed me to be present for my wife during the birth of my son.  I was able to ensure my wife knew I was right at her side while Angela handled everything from comfort support to helping to manage the hospital staff.  Without her, I would have been running from one end of the room to the other.  Instead, I was there with my wife in the moment.