Doula Support

Doula support is uniquely tailored to each family in order to help them realize their desired birth goals. This includes, offering hands-on comfort measures, positioning, counter pressure, relaxation techniques including rebozo and more. Our goal is to include the partner to their level of comfort and increase their confidence in supporting mom as she moves through labor and birth. With Family Centered Birth Services you will always get to know your back up doula in the event that your primary doula is not available. This allows our clients the ease of knowing their entire support team and reduces the worry about what would happen if your doula were unavailable for any reason. Additionally, doula training and experience enables your doula to specialize in creating unique strategies that are personalized and reflect the specific challenges of that labor experience and the clients’ goals.


Doula Support includes:
• Telephone/in-person doula consultation
• Application review
• Assistance with preparation of your birth plan
• A team of trained, experienced doulas
• Personal connection with your primary and backup doula
• Visit(s) with primary and backup doula to discuss your birth plan, goals, and the doula’s, partner’s, and mom’s roles during labor
• 24-hour on-call time beginning three weeks before your due date
• Phone, email, and in-person contact during on-call time and during labor
• Unlimited support during labor and birth
• Postpartum follow-up and breastfeeding support

Fee: $750.00

Proudly serving the Gainesville area. Can accept payment through agreed upon payment plans, credit card, Health Savings Account (HSA), Flex Spending Accounts (FSA), Pay Pal, Check or Cash

**Approved to provide services at North Florida Hospital**