About Angela

Angela Daniel is a DONA Certified Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor. Due to her personal experience birthing her first child Angela saw the value in additional training and sought out the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship. Through this apprenticeship, she worked with many other birth professionals and studied directly under the owner of Birth Help in Baton Rouge, LA, Rene’ Johnson, who has been working in the birth field for over 35 years. This opportunity furthered her exposure, knowledge, and experience surrounding labor and birth. She has been serving as a birth doula since 2010 and has had the honor of serving families in a variety of settings.

She obtained a Masters of Science in Social Work at the University of Louisville. As a social worker, she has been blessed to work at several different levels from providing individual support to state-wide advocacy while serving as a change agent for families, children, female victims of violence and more. She has a background that is family centered and rich in direct service work, research, training, and advocacy on behalf of women and children. Angela has always been interested in natural childbirth so when she planned to start a family, she sought out doula support and midwifery care. The support provided to her family by their doula during their first very long and challenging labor was invaluable and fueled her passion to work with laboring women.

Angela is passionate about working with women and families to meet their childbirth and breastfeeding goals. She is very community involved, committed to staying up-to-date on current evidence, attends additional trainings to enhance her skills, and leads groups for the community centered on birth, healing from traumatic birth, advocating for breastfeeding mothers, as well as teaching childbirth education classes, comfort measures for labor classes and baby care classes. She strives to make lasting connections to other birthing women and birth professionals in an effort to positively impact the birth community. Her background, training, and experience prepare her well to work with women and families during labor, birth and the postpartum period. Angela is excited to have the opportunity to serve women and families in the Gainesville area. 

Certifications & Trainings

*DONA Certified Birth Doula                        *Certified Lactation Counselor
* ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator           * Spinning Babies Conference/Workshops
*Gold Lactation Conference/Workshops     *Rebozo Connection: The Gina Kirby Method Workshops    

**Approved to work at Noth Florida Hospital**